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Interference with contractual relations

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I close my office door and lean back in my chair. Yesterday, it was a gift subscription to The Advocate. A few moments ago, Alan handed me "The L Word" DVD. Is there something taped to my head that says, “Mock me”?

Lori laughs at the thought Tracy might be attracted to me. First of all, why is that so unbelievable? Then there was the Staff Meeting. Later, Alan and Denny led a chorus of "Lesbian!" Catherine Piper got in a dig. Twice, Tara informed me I was making a fool of myself. Even Tracy took every opportunity to ask, incredulously, 'You actually think that I’m attracted to you?' She used my suspicion in an effort to not be found out and throw me off track, directing it toward this supposed "attraction" toward her.

Its not about ego or if I like her. Its about deceit and truth. I just believe you should be straight with people. I’m a good lawyer because I've got a nose for the truth. I knew I was being deceived, I just wasn’t sure how.

My colleagues sucker me with this buddy talk, then they punish me with it. Damn it. I won't be sued by my client for sexual harassment, I wasn't infatuated with her. I wasn't falling in love with this woman. I wasn't hitting on her. Please. I have Victoria. Call me a cynic. I just don’t like surprises in court.

But I took it. And, in the end, only three people will ever know the truth: Tracy Green, Stephanie Rogers and myself. I'd rather bear their impression that I'm a fool, which I shrug off, than to embarrass my client. It's a character thing.

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Interference with contractual relations